A Complete Web Based Ministry Planning System

A unique set of powerful ministry tools to help you articulate your ministry philosophy, set priorities, and implement programs that meet your ministry objectives.

Preview Dashboard

Preview Step One: PERSONALITYDefining Our Identity

Purpose: Defining a church model and personalized missional statements allows the church to create a transferable philosophy of ministry and a common link to ministry objectives, assessments, organizational structure, activities, and programs. These tools help you articulate the church’s ministry, easily monitor the execution of your plans, and maintain the corporate integrity of your ministry.

Preview Step Two: PERSPECTIVEDetermining Our Health

Purpose: Often, the first concern of church leaders is to create a kind of report card to help them identify areas that need improvement. Healthy Church Statistical Measurements and the Healthy Church Survey are designed to analyze the church’s health comprehensively.

Preview Step Three: PLANNINGPursuing Our Priorities

Purpose: With the approach of the 21st Century, the growth and acceptance of project management are continuing at a phenomenal pace. Most church boards now expect and appreciate it as a necessary component to provide quality ministry.

Preview Step Four: PERFORMANCEImplementing Our Vision

Purpose: There is a grave danger in believing that diagnosis is a prescription. Until you develop a practical action plan, there will be little change. These modules will help you implement this year’s priorities.