Healthy Church Independent Tools

Healthy Church tools can be used independently outside the Healthy Church planning process, allowing the tools to be used for a single and specific purpose.

Define Church Model

Select from 77 missional components with prebuilt and modifiable defined statements for six essential New Testament purposes. Breaking it down, there are 23 components addressing the "focus" of those 6 New Testament purposes, 20 components addressing the "environment" where those ministries are implemented, 20 components that relate to "key results areas," and 20 components that "measure" your success in each of those New Testament purposes. Choose from a list of predesigned modifiable motto statements, add your own church statement, or create a new motto statement.

Healthy Church Survey

The Healthy Church Survey is designed to analyze the church's health comprehensively. This Survey explores your congregation's characteristics, values, attitudes, and lifestyle choices as they relate to your community (perspective), identifying the perceptions and personal and collective behaviors required to achieve high-quality results in the six specific New Testament purposes. The Healthy Church assists you in discovering what your adherents do and don't do (behaviors) so you can understand your church and its relationship to the cultural characteristics that shape your ministry.

It can be conducted using our comprehensive online process or a paper survey to facilitate those members of your congregations who cannot access a computer. Healthy Church printed reports contain calculated data, extensive cross-referencing, comparative analysis with other churches, and detailed graphs.

Tracking Statistics

Select from a library of more than 30 ratios and organizational measurements tied to your church model—track statistics such as attendance, offerings, small groups, and outreach community events etc. The user can choose those measurements (options) that provide the best analysis for their church. Keep in mind that metrics cannot measure heart attitude or spiritual fruit. Only God does that. Data analytics can, however, give us insights into the probability of such spiritual successes.

Healthy Church Projects

Select the project(s) with action items or create your own project(s) that will assist you in filling a ministry hole or meeting a specific need. Modify the description, action items, or dates to address your church's needs.

Executive Leadership Surveys

Create your own Survey by choosing from more than 250 adjustable predesigned questions or a series of predesigned leadership surveys. If you prefer, create a series of questions from scratch to gather critical information from your church or leadership team.

Healthy Church Advisor

The tool combines Word, Excel, and PDF documents to provide comprehensive additional information for your research.