Theological Education

Healthy Church strategic planning tools are available and free to theological institutions for all pastoral students in a modular or core curriculum course in their last two years of education.

Implementation Options

3-Day Workshop

This workshop provides pastors with an intensive overview of ministry strategic planning and a look at the Healthy Church planning processes. There are no required reading, writing and research assignments. It also has promotional value in many cases because it reinforces the school's work in preparing pastors for ministry.

On-Campus Modular Course

This intensive one-week course allows for increased concentration and immersion in the elements of building a ministry strategic plan. In each of the instruction elements of the course, there is a Healthy Church process that can be implemented, giving the student a practical way forward. Before and after each course, students are required to complete reading, writing, and research assignments.

On-Campus Core Curriculum (Integrated)

Church Growth Resources is willing to assist a theological institution that wishes to use the Healthy Church processes as a practical tool integrated into an existing on-campus core course or is interested in developing an entirely new course.