Single or Multi-Church Consultation Reports

Create comparative analysis reports for up to a group of ten churches working together. This is a tool used specifically by a group, denomination or independent consultant to assist a group of churches to find effective solutions.

Report Format

In each line of the report, it indicates the church name, whether the church is tracking that specific process, quarterly totals with a comparison for at least 2 years, and the average percent (%) growth over a 2-year period. The report creates a comparative analysis (one line for each church) for up to 10 church.

Statistical Measurements Options

Vision Strategic Reviews

Leadership Survey, Healthy Church Survey, Cultural Relevance, Organizational Chart, Strategic Plan, Clear Written Objectives

Worship Measurements

Attendance, First Time Visitors, Contributions

Fellowship Measurements

Ministry Teams, Care Receivers, Programs Tracked

Discipleship Measurements

Baptisms, Testimony Preparations, Number of Small Groups and Participation

Outreach Measurements

Conversions, Outreach Lists, People Contacted, Outreach Events

Serving Measurements

Total Volunteers, Ministry Roles, Training Participation, Spiritual Gift Assessment