A Statement of Purpose

Healthy churches are growing churches is one conclusion that the ministry professionals at Church Growth Resources have drawn from their 30 plus years serving churches in Canada and the United States.

What is a healthy church?

Church Growth Resources has identified five high level elements that healthy churches share in common.

1. Creates Focussed Missional Statements

The healthy church ... understands the value in creating missional statements describing its commitment to building the church with equal emphasis on the six New Testament purposes: vision, worship, fellowship, discipleship, serving (ministry) and outreach.

2. Defines A Personalized Church Model

The healthy church ... intentionally fulfills its mission and vision statements by defining a detail description of all the church's ministry elements (New Testament purposes) creating a transferable philosophy of ministry.

3. Develops 5 Key Systematic Processes

The healthy church ... creates a path forward with a defined systematic process (vision) by developing leaders (serving), assimilates (fellowship), disciples (discipleship) and evangelizes (outreach).

4. Maintains Accountability Structures

The healthy church ... maintains an accountability structure at all levels of ministry to ensure that its ministry goals are constantly being reviewed, refined and accomplished.

5. Conducts Regular Evaluations

The healthy church ... evaluates its growth, financial stability, behavioral activity and ministry trends on a consistent and regular basis.

Healthy Church Connection

One limitation that every healthy church faces is its ability to identify and connect with other healthy churches of similar size, structure and location. Recognizing the opportunities that a group of churches could gain by being linked together, Church Growth Resources has created the Healthy Church Connection.


Using the Healthy Church consultation process, Healthy Church Connection puts up to 10 churches of similar size and structure together in a consultation process meeting at least quarter each year. The Healthy Church Connection... is a partnership of church leaders committed to implementing these five high-level management principles listed above and is interested in assisting others in the group to maintain those principles with the exchange of information and ideas.

Consultation Reports

The Healthy Church provides each consultation group with a comparative analysis report of the group participants allowing for an informed exchange of ideals, best practices and creative projects.

Become A Partner Today...

If you are interested in becoming part of this association of leaders, please call Church Growth Resources at 519.317.8820 or speak to your Group, Denomination or Independent Consultant. If you have connected with an Independent Consultant, please indicate that relationship when you call.