Customized “Idea Banks”

To develop your ministry plan, Healthy Church comes preloaded with six primary libraries: model statements, motto statements, survey questions, analysis questions, measurable (SMART) objectives, and implementable projects with action items.

Church Model Statements

Select from 77 missional components with prebuilt and modifiable defined statements for six key New Testament purposes. Breaking it down, there are 23 components addressing the “focus” of those 6 New Testament purposes, 20 components addressing the “environment” where those ministries are implemented, 20 components that relate to “key results areas,” and 20 components that “measure” your success in each of those New Testament purposes.

Motto Statements

Choose from a list of predesigned modifiable motto statements, add your own church statement, or create a new motto statement.

Survey Questions

Create your own survey by choosing from more than 250 adjustable predesigned questions or from a series of predesigned leadership surveys. If you prefer, create a series of questions from scratch to gather critical information from your church or leadership team.

Analysis Questions

Choose the suggested analysis questions for each element chosen to be implemented this year, or add a new one that would force you to think about what is necessary to make the selected ministry area more effective next year.

Objective Statements

From a list of (SMART) objectives from our library associated with the missional element you’ve chosen, select the objective(s) that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound or create a new objective to define precisely “what” needs to be done and “when” and “how” you will know that it has been completed.

Ministry Projects

Select the project(s) with action items or create your own project(s) that will assist you in completing the objectives for your first-year priorities.