Bruce Scott

Executive Director, Senior Consultant, Church Growth Resources Inc.
Author, Developer, Healthy Church (formerly Ministry ToolBox), Healthy Church Tools

Bruce served as the senior pastor of two multi-staff churches. He pastored in Stratford, ON, and then in Lloydminster, AB. The church in Alberta had a large staff, an extensive music program, a seniors' residence, and a camping ministry reaching more than 500 children each summer in the church's camping facility 12 miles north of Lloydminster. Later, Bruce was appointed a vice president at Tyndale Seminary and University in Toronto, Canada. Bruce also served as an evangelist in his early years, traveling extensively for 11 years, conducting and preaching in more than 200 church crusades throughout North America.

Strategic Ministry Planning

Bruce is presently the founder and executive director of Church Growth Resources. Bruce is also the author/developer of the Healthy Church (formerly Ministry ToolBox), created for ministry professionals needing help bringing philosophical ideas into focus and charting a course for the future. For over 30 years, he has consulted with large churches throughout the United States and Canada in vision casting, organizational integrity, and strategic ministry planning. More than 3,000 churches have purchased CGR's church health and strategic planning software to manage the ministry of their churches.

Multi-Staff Leadership

One of the challenges is to build a cohesive team that functions effectively. Bruce has been involved as a lead pastor in churches with multiple staff. In addition, as a former vice president at Tyndale University College and Seminary in Toronto, Bruce managed a team of more than 20 people. Serving periodically as an intentional interim these past few years in several larger churches, one of his primary responsibilities was to develop and, in many cases, rebuild the existing staff into a cohesive team.


Planning Software: Nelson's Church Ministry Consultant, Ministry ToolBox Professional, The Healthy Church
Workbooks and Workshops: Biblical Blueprint for Evangelism and Biblical Blueprint for Discipleship

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