A Note From Bruce Scott

Dear Pastor...

If you went into ministry to help people and find yourself bogged down with administrative hassles, keep reading!

The ministry professionals at Church Grown Resources have been serving churches internationally for over thirty years. We have heard your story from thousands of pastors in large and small churches affiliated with various denominations in different communities with a wide variety of ministry focal points. They really wanted to do something for God, but problems keep getting in the way.

We know we cannot wave a magic wand and make your problems disappear, but we can help. We have developed Healthy Church (formerly Ministry ToolBox), a set of integrated tools designed to help people like you accomplish more with less effort. These ministry tools let you deal with some of those administrative hassles so you can devote your energy to the ministry you want to do.

Let's be clear up front. We are here to help you take some of the mystery out of ministry. If you are working with people, there will be problems, but if you will let us, we would like to take care of a few of those problems for you.

The Healthy Church is committed to growing healthy churches.

The Healthy Church provides online:

  • A Complete Web-Based Ministry Planning System
  • Healthy Church Independent Tools
  • Health Surveys
  • Performance Ratios
  • Ministry Trends Advisor
  • Consultation Reports
  • Free Theological Education Webware
  • Historical Data Retention
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Comparative Analysis with Other Churches of Similar Size and Composition
  • Exchange of Best Practices: Information, Ideals and Projects

Church Growth Resources conducts:

  • Ministry Trends Workshops
  • Vision and Strategic Training Events
  • Executive (Lead Pastor) Training Events

Would you mind terribly if we partnered with you to take a few items off your "to do" list? We do want to help you begin to analyse and manage ministry more effectively.

Trusting this will be a great year for you.

Bruce Scott
Executive Director, Church Growth Resources
Author, Healthy Church Tools