Understanding Church Health

Church Growth

The past generation has seen the development of the new science of church growth. Some specialists in the field have studied the Scriptures to gain insight into how the New Testament church made things happen. Others have looked at unique trends of various denominations. Many have studied churches worldwide to discover how they have done ministry. Still, others have examined specific programs and their impact on the church.

Essentially, fifty years of study has produced two things. First, books have been written, and concepts communicated in courses and seminars. These have identified principles upon which effective ministry is established. Second, programs have been designed for churches like yours to help you flesh out those principles. Since they are static and barely adaptable, they may or may not work in your community.

Church Health

One conclusion is obvious. Healthy things grow. That is true in every area of life, including church life. Healthy churches grow. Therefore, as your church improves its health, it will gain the strength it needs to impact your community significantly.

Our only agenda here is to help your church become and remain healthy. You may already know what you want to do in your community, and it may be the right thing that needs to be done. This website will help you and your team look at your church objectively to identify strengths and weaknesses and develop strategies to build on your strengths and strengthen your weaknesses. Wouldn't having the whole team pulling in the same direction as you pursue God's vision for your church would be great?

The Healthy Church process can help you build momentum in your ministry by helping you develop a consistent analytical approach that will provide accurate information and suggest creative projects that you can successfully implement now.

As you experience success on a smaller scale, your congregation will feel more comfortable taking on more significant challenges. All you need is an objective scale to measure your ministry's health.

A Changed Church

It is one thing to desire a church with a particular set of characteristics; it is quite another thing to motivate and inspire enough people to participate so that it may be said the characteristic permeates your church life. The question is, "How do you do that?".

A Changed Church — One Person At A Time

We believe if you understand what needs to be done, have transferable concepts, and have a careful action plan, it is possible to change people one person at a time. When enough people have changed, then your church has changed. Jesus did it. It's called discipleship.

Fiddling with the color of your brochure isn't going to do it.

But seeing your ministry as the responsibility to pour your life into the lives of others one at a time helps us be solution-oriented.