Step One: PersonalitySix Modules For
Total Ministry Planning

The healthy church intentionally fulfills its mission and vision statements by defining a detail description of all the church's ministry elements (New Testament purposes) creating a transferable philosophy of ministry.

Church Model Definitions: Export Missional Statement or Print Missional Statement Brochure

Vision: Seeing Tomorrow ... Today

This module takes you through a thoughtful process to identify the best focus for your church and the unique contribution you can make to your community.

Worship: Enhancing the Worship Environment

Here you will find suggested options for the primary purposes of your worship services, whether your focus is primarily Bible centered or integrated with performed music, drama and arts, and whether you’ve chosen music that is contemporary, progressive or has a traditional merge. You can adapt them and other issues to fit who you are and the needs you have.

Serving: Empowering the Team

This module enables you to develop good processes for identifying people’s abilities and gifts, helping and involving them to achieve their potential.

Outreach: Extending God's Reach

With material on traditional approaches and innovative options, this module focuses on ways to facilitate evangelism individually, corporately and in other cultures.

Discipleship: Communicating the Essentials

With this module you will be able to integrate and focus the instructional process, so it is consistent and targets actual needs and interests. This module emphasizes Bible knowledge, motivation and discipleship.

Fellowship: Building Belonging

Find meaningful ways to create a strong involvement from a person’s first contact with the church. With an atmosphere of expectation help people find their first friends and a good church home that fits.