Step Three: PlanningMinistry Planning Module


Mirror polishing is not change. There is a grave danger in believing that diagnosis, in itself, is a prescription. While it is helpful to understand the positive and negative symptoms in your church, this will not change the church. Until you develop a practical action plan (ministry planning) to change how you behave, there will be little change. Using the elements the church has chosen to define its personal church model (missional statements), a strategic plan can be developed using the “idea warehouse” of analysis questions, measurable objectives, and implementable projects.


Healthy Church comes preloaded with four primary libraries: missional statement elements, analysis questions, measurable (SMART) objectives, and implementable projects with action items.

Step One: Choose Priorities

From the many elements included in your missional statements, choose the missional elements to be implemented next year. In most cases, depending on the size of the church and staff, you must choose just a few missional elements to improve each year.

Step Two: Choose Analysis Questions

Choose the suggested analysis questions for each element chosen to be implemented this year, or add a new one that would force you to think about what is necessary to make the selected ministry area more effective next year.

Step Three: Choose SMART Objectives

From a list of (SMART) objectives from our library associated with the missional element you’ve chosen, select the objective(s) that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound or create a new objective to define precisely “what” needs to be done and “when” and “how” you will know that it has been completed.

Step Four: Select Projects

Select the projects that will assist you in completing the objectives for your first-year priorities.

Step Five: Add Project Responsibility and Dates

Add project dates and the person responsible for each project selected.

Step Six: Print

Print your Strategic Plan Implementation Report.

Key Benefit

Clear Accountability Structures

The Healthy Church maintains an accountability structure at all levels of ministry to ensure that its ministry goals are constantly being reviewed, refined, and accomplished.