Step Four: PerformanceProgress Dashboard

The Progress Dashboard combines all the collected critical data the church has inputted over a period of months and years, creating a series of updated graphs and reports.

Ease of Use:

Publish a progress dashboard with just a few clicks. No programming, just insights.

Multiple Views:

Create and save multiple dashboard views and use them for a designated purpose or a specific part of your leadership team. Create them once and use them again.

Data Blending Reports:

Healthy Church combines data from different Healthy Church reports to create a cross-functional comparative analysis.

Rich Analytics and Visualization:

Perform deep historical and predictive analysis to derive valuable insights. Visualize your data with a series of charts and graphs.

Review and Modify Action Plans:

A quick way to review your progress in multiple areas of the church's ministry brought together on a few pages called the Progress Dashboard.

Click the links below to download expanded sample reports.