Step One: PersonalityDefining Your Identity

To guide the church to construct the church’s missional statements (philosophy/personality) as a common link to ministry objectives, assessments, organizational structure, activities and programs. This tool helps you easily monitor the execution of your plans and maintain the organizational integrity of your ministry.

Church Model Definitions: Export Missional Statement or Print Missional Statement Brochure


Focussed Missional Statements

The Healthy Church understands the value in creating missional statements describing its commitment to building the church with equal emphasis on the six New Testament purposes: vision, worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry (serving) and outreach.

Create Personalized Missional Statements from 77 Missional Components

In the 6 key New Testament purposes, the Healthy Church addresses 77 missional components. Breaking it down, there are 23 components addressing the “focus” of those 6 New Testament purposes; 14 components addressing the “environment” where those ministries are implemented, 20 components that relate to “key results areas” that impact the effectiveness of those ministries and 20 components that can be used to “measure” your success in each of those New Testament purposes. The goal is to choose those components that together represent your personal long-term view of what you believe God wants your church to be.

Modifiable Missional Reports

From the choices you select to define your church ministry model the Healthy Church system creates missional statements that specifically reflect the choices you have made. It also provides those missional statements in a variety of formats … print to paper, export the content into a word or excel document or create an actual brochure including your choice of graphics. In all formats the content can be modified by the user.

Key Benefit

Blueprint Your Vision

The Healthy Church assists the church in articulating its ministry so that there is a consistent and unified document into which every major church ministry fit creating through its missional statements a transferable philosophy of ministry.