Step Three: PlanningHealthy Church Projects


With the approach of the 21st century, the growth and acceptance of project management is continuing at a phenomenal pace. It is now expected and appreciated by most church boards as a necessary component to assist the church board/elders and staff in providing quality ministry for their congregations. The Healthy Church Project module assists a church leader or pastor in managing appropriate action steps (projects) to enhance efficient and effective delivery of their ministry. Projects define the actual programs, events, tasks and systems planned to fulfill the church ministry mandate and missional statements.


A Warehouse of Ideas

The Healthy Church has a warehouse of projects and programs that can be accessed with the click of a button. The project library can be searched by a combination of any of the following: model component and/or project type … system, task, major or minor programs, etc. The library can be searched by any combination of the following: model component, date range, person and text.

Overview Tab

The overview tab includes … the project’s milestone level, project responsibility, the model component associated with this project, project costs, start and execution dates, approvals and project health.

Details Tab

The detail tab allows you to change the project title, description, start and execution dates and project responsibility.

Timeline Tab

The timeline tab provides a series of milestone and associated action steps to implement the project. The user can add action items and all action items are modifiable and moveable. Each action item can be assigned to a person responsible to implement it. With the click of a button you can send each person a list of their personal action items to be completed. When completed with a single stroke they can update the action list in the webware.

Cost Tab

The cost tab provides a place to add budget items and it will summarize the project costs.

Approval Tab

The approval tab provides a place for the project manager to confirm the leadership’s approvals for the project.

Project Resolution Tab

The project resolution tab provides a place for the project manager to report the health of the project, outline potential or actual risks and roadblocks. It also includes the steps that will be taken to put the project back on schedule with the good results.

Key Benefit

A Sense of Ministry Accomplishment

Good project management develops skills to produce greater productivity, a sense of ministry accomplishment and demonstrates a wise use of God’s resources with a clear sense of ministry focus. This creates a wholesome pattern that can be effectively replicated and improved upon through subsequent cycles and personnel change.