When you are stumped about why your small groups are not flourishing you need to change something up. What in the following list are the items you need to change because you won’t get fresh energy by staying the same.

We Know the Purpose
Understand the clear purpose of your small group.  You can't do everything but focus in on a couple of aspects your group wants to be known for e.g. love for one another no matter what (John 13:34-35) which should become contagious.

We Honor Small Groups
Don't be worried about the size of your group.  Meet even if there is only 2 or 3 that will attend.  ( the verse about 2 or 3 meeting together  -  I am in the midst?).  The Holy Spirit will encourage each of you in your Christian walk. A small group helps you when attending a very large church or even a smaller one.  At least you will know a few people you can talk to when everyone else is busy with their own tasks or friends.  You have a sense of acceptance and belonging.  Rom 15:7

We Keep Going
Keep going year round - don't shut down over the summer as momentum will be lost.  Do not cancel any meeting as you don't know who will show up and needs the meeting for one reason or another  I Thess 5:11 so that they can be encouraged.

We Foster Supportive Relationships
Meeting together regularly helps you to get to know one another really well.  You become like family which is really meaningful particularly when a crisis or joyful event occurs.  Sincere devotion results. Rom 12:10.

We Value Bible Knowledge
A small group is a place where your Bible knowledge will greatly increase.  It is hard to study on your own. 2 Tim 2:15

We Conduct Regular Small Group Leader Meetings
Systems need to be put in place for the regular meeting of small group leaders for proper training, maintaining unity in direction, use of the same curriculum.  Additional links to enhance their role can be sent out regularly.

Our Small Group Leaders Are Not Lone Operators
Small group leaders must be reminded that this is not a place for them to influence the group with their own thinking or use it to wield their own power.

We Agree to Add New Groups
Groups should be split when the number gets too large so that participants don't get too comfortable with each other.   It is always more interesting to change things up periodically.

We Encourage Acceptance of New Group Members
Keep an empty chair in the room to signify the importance of inviting someone new to attend the group - an event that is something to look forward to, not to dread.

We Expect Small Group Leaders to Be Examples
We all need accountability.  This is a place where members of the group can encourage each other to read the Bible regularly, memorize Scripture, maintain good church attendance etc.

We Believe Small Group Attendance Has Value
Attending a small group regularly can be confidence building.  Ideas brought forth, answers to questions given are heard and listened to which help validate the person and their thinking. Having the courage to pray out loud is a big step for many - even becoming a leader themselves is huge. All this may ultimately improve their ability in the workplace. (I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.)

We Encourage Personal Testimony in Our Small Groups
Personal stories can inspire and produce empathy in another's life.

We Believe Small Groups Motivate Participants
Motivation is sparked by the positive example of others in their Christian walk.